Carrot the Bunny

Carrot the Bunny

You’ve heard the story about giving a mouse a cookie? Give a woman a mouse pattern and she’ll get hooked on making cute little animals. Like Carrot the Bunny!

I discovered this pattern after the Three Traveling Mice helped me get over my fear of making small crocheted animals.

Fear of Making Small Crocheted Animals

It’s just yarn, but there was something about all that attaching that freaked me out. But I’m freaked no more!

Practicing a hobby for a good cause – like Operation Christmas Child – will do that to a person.  Smile

Carrot the Bunny is a Sugarbunny

If you’d like to make Carrot the Bunny – a Sugarbunny in the Hello Kitty world – get this book (or do what I did and check it out from the library): Hello Kitty crochet : super cute amigurumi patterns for Sanrio friends by Mei Li Lee.  Afraid you’ll forget the title?  Put it in your Ravelry library.

Looking for other crochet books? I have several favorites in my personal Ravelry library.

Goodbye Kitty

For full disclosure, we aren’t Hello Kitty fans here at Cozy Top Cottage. In fact, we have one in the family who wears a Goodbye Kitty t-shirt.

Different fashions for different passions. 🙂





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