The Message – Operation Christmas Child Weekly Countdown: 7!

2015 OCC Countdown 7

Everybody needs a little rah-rah once in awhile!

How many weeks do we have to pack shoeboxes?


Who are we serving with?


How are we serving?

By sharing His message!

How are we sharing His message?

Through gift-filled shoeboxes delivered with the message by a boots-on-the-ground messenger!


Getting Our His Message Out

What if you had a very important message to share with a very important person? Who would you entrust it to? Would you deliver it yourself?

God delivered His message over and over through His people, sandals on the ground.

Sandal on the Ground

God the Father then sent His Son, Jesus, God Himself, to share His message and to be the actual sacrifice fulfilling the message’s specifications, namely someone has to pay for the sins of humanity.

When it was time for His Son to return to His rightful place of glory – after being crucified by His creation – He sent another Helper, the Holy Spirit.

Whispers Instead of Shouts

Instead of the Spirit shouting to the masses, He gave His Spirit to whisper to His children, to those who receive His first gift: salvation through Jesus Christ.

The Holy Spirit then emboldens us, empowering us, encouraging us to share His message. Yah, us. Crazy, huh? 🙂 But that’s how He does it, so let’s join Him in His goals by sharing His message.

What *is* the message?

In a verse, it’s this.

And in a walk-you-through-the-message way, it’s this.

Receiving the Message

Operation Christmas Child gives us an opportunity to share God’s message – and tangible gifts of love – with children around the world.

Here’s the story of one child who received a shoebox, who heard the message, who received the message, and whose life was changed – literally forever.

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Have you been blessed by God?

Have you received His gifts?

Would you like to share them with children around the world?

Join us!


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