Fleece Octopus

Fleece Octopus

We got such a great deal on fleece that I wanted to branch out beyond making fleece loveys.

So when this fleece octopus wiggled into my world, reminding me of a yarn octopus I had as a little girl, in a library book called, “Never Been Stitched” by Amanda Carestio I had to make …

A Pair of ‘Pi!

Octopi, that is!

Pair of Fleece Octopi

These work up REALLY quickly and require minimal stuffing.

Crocheting is totally optional, too.

And sewing? Nada! None! Nil!

(Just a wee bit of simple embroidery for the happy face.)

Can you imagine a little one opening a shoebox to find a fuzzy octopus waiting to be loved? Don’t we wish we could be there to see it?

100 millionth shoebox delivery in Dominican Republic.

Better yet: God will be there and He’ll get to see their faces!

 OCC_What Joy All Around

The Pattern

Since the pattern isn’t technically a yarn craft, the book won’t go on my Ravelry library shelves. But you can find the book info on Goodreads.

‘Pi for now! Winking smile

P.S. I couldn’t resist telling you that this post is to go live on Octo 1. Get it, like Octopi? (Ok, never mind, maybe it’s just me. 🙂 )


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