Developing Gifts – Operation Christmas Child Weekly Countdown: 6

2015 OCC Countdown 6

 What did you think of Lavellen, Tobias and Spiffy? Did you think, “I could never do that!” or “That’s so easy, I could do it in my sleep!” or something in between?

I used to think the first, but I’m nowhere near the second.

Some hobbies are like that. They take time to develop.

Develop Your Gifts

And that’s another beauty of Operation Christmas Child:

Operation Christmas Child offers us the opportunity to develop our gifts.

Just like a countdown doesn’t start when it’s complete, neither do our talents.

Speaking of the countdown, let’s pause for the count:

How many weeks do we have to pack shoeboxes? 6!

Plenty of time to make a few choices and do a little shopping!

And take your talents on an adventure!

Take Your Talents on the Road – or River or Mountain Trail

We all have talents. But they aren’t all the same. I’m discovering that would be really boring. And limiting God’s vastness.

OCC - Madagascar

How can we use our talents, our abilities, our interests to share God’s message of love with children around the world?

2014 Destination Countries-Atlanta PC2014 Distribution Map from the Atlanta processing center

Start with What You Love

Do you love fabric, wood, shopping, wrapping, loading trucks, yarn, canoeing?

All of those interests – and so many more! – have a place within the heart and operation of Operation Christmas Child.

Do you make one thing really well?

Make 10 or 50 or 100 of them!

Make Many Share A Lot

If you don’t plan on putting together that many boxes, share them with a local church participating in Operation Christmas Child.

Or drop them off at a local collection site (or send them directly to OCC in Boone, NC) as “fill-in-the-box goodies.”

Develop Your Interests

Sometimes our interests change, our minds go into boredom mode, or our health changes. Use all of these as catalysts to learn something new.

Catalyst to Learn Something New

Do you get bored making or doing the same thing over and over?

Learn a new pattern, discover a new craft, find a new way to serve!

Always more to discover, more to learn!

Share the Love

With Operation Christmas Child it’s easy to share God’s love! Just grab your interests and go!

Grab Your Interests and Go

Not Sure How Your Interest Fits?

Do you have a hobby or an interest but not sure how it fits Operation Christmas Child serving children around the world?

Let’s talk about your interests and see what we can put together with God’s help and for His glory. SunPointing upSun


 P.S. Happy 90th Birthday, Mom! Thank you for encouraging me to pursue my curiosities as a kid – and beyond. wlEmoticon-redheart.png

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