Girly Bear: Crochet Tiny Ami

Girly Bear

Once on a roll, always on a roll. Until the next roll rolls around. Summer was a crocheted animal roll for me.

I made Girly Bear in such a short time I would be tempted to make more, except for those tight turns on the tiny arms and legs.

But isn’t she cute for an Operation Christmas Child shoebox?

Girly Bear is a Tiny Ami

You can find the instructions to make Girly Bear and other seriously cute crochet animals in this book:

Amigurumi World: Seriously Cute Crochet by Ana Paula Rimoli.

I used the Tiny Ami chapter to piece Girly Bear together.

Afraid you’ll forget the title of the book? (I forget titles all the time!) Put it in your Ravelry library. Or on your Goodreads shelf.

Looking for other crochet books? (I look for crochet books all the time!) Here are several favorites on my personal Ravelry library shelves.

And That’s It

And that’s all I have to say today. It’s been a rough summer day of news and info at the cottage (remember I write ahead), so my rah-rah is feeling a bit woe-woe.

Thankfully God is my companion, and I am His, in rahs and woes. Sometimes simultaneously.


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