After the Shoebox – Operation Christmas Child Weekly Countdown: 5

2015 OCC Countdown 5

How many weeks do we have to pack shoeboxes? 5!

Just over a month – plenty of time to pack a shoebox!

What Happens *After* the Shoebox?

I wondered that myself. I mean, Christmas gifts are fun and all, but we’ve all felt the letdown when the presents are opened, the wrapping paper laying dormant after the holiday thrill of being tossed about in a flurry of paper snowball fun.

What happens to these kids who get a few nuggets of tangible love from a country far away when the excitement of the shoebox fades?

They Get Hope!

Each child who receives a shoebox filled with loving gifts also hears the Good News of Jesus Christ. (Don’t tune me out if you’ve “heard it all before,” ‘k?)Greatest Journey lesson

They hear the message we all need to hear:

  • God loves them. Yah, you them. You. Red heart
  • We’ve all blown the original plan. It’s called sin. And we’re all guilty.
  • God had a plan for that, too.
  • He chose to pay the punishment for our sin Himself.
  • He chose the most painful way to show to His love: by sending His own Son to our broken world.
  • His Son paid for our sin. Himself.
  • He returned to glory.
  • And He will return again.

That’s the Good News. Plain. And simple.Smile

1002MX - The Greatest Journey: Veracruz, Mexico

Children also hear the rest of the story that we all need to hear:

  • Since sin was keeping us from God …
  • And God made a plan for sin …
  • We need to join God in His plan …
  • And receive the salvation He offers …
  • His way. Red heart
  • By faith.

It’s that simple. We must believe that Jesus Christ was the supreme and only sacrifice for our sins. Pointing up

Are they then abandoned?

The short answer is: no way!

The longer answer will have to wait for another post.  Smile

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