Real Life Change – Operation Christmas Child Weekly Countdown: 4

2015 OCC Countdown 4


How many weeks do we have to pack shoeboxes? 4!

Just one more month to gather goodies, pop ‘em in a shoebox, stick a label on, wrap with a rubberband, and drop off or mail in.

How many children can we reach?



numbers aren’t as important

as the individuals. 



Here’s an individual, a real life person who received a real life shoebox and experienced God’s real life offer to spend the rest of life – and eternity together.

Elvina’s Story

Read Elvina’s story of receiving a shoebox in the Ukraine at age 7.

Elvina and The Chewing Gum


Elvina’s Doll


A little doll can make a big difference.

Watch Elvina’s Video


Change a Life? For Reals?

Do you wonder if a few gifts and a message can really change a life?

Think back on the moments you received something “just because.” Not because you earned it, not because you worked for it, not because you desperately needed it. But just because.

We send gifts to children around the world not because they earned it, not because they worked for it, not because they desperately need toys.

We send shoebox gifts from the heart of God – just because He loves them.



The children, however, do have a desperate need.

What *is* the Desperate Need?

The message that Samaritan’s Purse delivers along with the shoeboxes is what they – and wedesperately need.

Is God really at work? Yes, yes He is.

At home … and beyond.

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