Penguin Pal: Crochet

Penguin Pal

Speaking of stories and cuddle friends, this little penguin is all ready to be tucked into a shoebox and sent on a journey somewhere in the world to be loved on by a little one with Operation Christmas Child.

Do you remember how much you loved to cuddle a baby doll or a stuffed animal when you were little?

Humans are humans are humans.

We all love to have something to love and care for, no matter where we are and no matter what is going on in our world.

The Red Scarf

Did you notice the red scarf?

Just like all trains should have red cabooses, in my book all penguins should have red scarves.

The red scarf means he’s my FAVORITE penguin of all – he’s Pondus!

Pondus the Penguin Book


Pondus the PenguinPondus the Penguin by Ivar Myrhoj
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This was my favorite book from childhood and still remains on my bookshelf. I can hear my mom’s voice reading aloud to me over and over again, “I’m wearing a red scarf because it’s cold. I’m going to visit the monkeys.”

No penguin ever seems complete unless he, like Pondus, is wearing his bright red scarf!

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Pattern for Penguin Pal

Would you like to make your own penguin pal for a little one near or far away?

My Ravelry project page has a link to the book that has the pattern. (I found the book at the public library.)


It’s Your Turn

Who is your favorite childhood storybook character?

Have you ever made anything in his/her likeness to remember or share your love?

Oooh, that makes me think of how God made us – in His likeness – out of love. Red heart


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