Michaels’ Holiday Gift Card: Art by …

This is SUCH exciting news I have to share while the holiday is hot! Cool, I mean!  Bright and cool!  Starlight bright and cool, I mean!

Stop with the adjectives, Suzanne, and tell the us the news, right?

It all started in May … what a long beautiful story. Red heart

For your reading pleasure, here’s the short and beautiful version

Michaels’ Holiday Gift Card Designed by Winter


Owl Gift Card by Winter Broadhurst copyright

See that artwork?  It’s on a Michaels’ gift card!

And it was designed by my daughter, Winter!

And yes, that’s her real name! Smile Fitting, isn’t it? Oh to know the long story behind the art and the artist. Here’s part of it (scroll to the health section).

Starlight and Michaels

As a member of the Starlight Community, Winter was asked to design a holiday gift card … for Michaels craft store!  Yah, that Michaels, the big one!

And the spectacular part is that Michaels has teamed up to help Starlight Children’s Foundation through the sale of the gift cards! (See store for details.)

Look for the Aqua Owl with a Lavender Sky

If you are wondering what to get your family and friends for Christmas, get them a Michaels’/Starlight Gift Card (look for the aqua owl with a lavender sky) and tell them …

Tell Them Winter Sent You

Winter sent you!


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