Judy Flowers for Operation Christmas Child

Judy Flower Gifts


Mrs. Judy is a woman full of songs of her Savior and trust in her God. She’s had many, many decades to get to know the faithfulness of God. Her peace in the midst of life’s trials is like a magnet to weary souls. Yah, my soul is magnetized.

Mrs. Judy’s Flower Loom Flowers

She also makes flower loom flowers – by the dozens!

Actually, I think her flower count must be in the at-least-one-probably-a-few hundreds by now!

She makes the flowers at home and shares them with me at church. I add a little more yarn with my crochet hook and we come up with all kinds of goodies for Operation Christmas Child.

Here are just a few pictures of the many, many I could share:

Baby Doll Blankets

Baby Doll Blanket_Judy Flowers

Granny Square_Judy Flower

Baby Doll Blanket 2_Judy Flowers

Goodie Bags

Goodie Bag_Judy Flower

Crayon Box Bags

Goodie Bags_Judy Flowers


Hat from Top_Judy Flower

Hat_Judy Flower


Judy Flower Bookmarks

Lots of bookmarks!

Judy Flowers_Lots of Bookmarks

Shoebox Baskets

Shoebox Basket

Thank you, Mrs. Judy, for touching lives around the world, including this one close to home.

It’s Your Turn

Do you know someone who likes to make one thing over and over again?

Add your skills together and multiply your gifts!


More Judy Flower inspired crafts


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