Operation Christmas Child Family Packing Day: Final Count


Remember how I worried that we wouldn’t reach our family goal of 50 boxes this year? And remember how God reminded me that I serve Him, not numbers? And remember how I was determined to give Him the glory and be content if we didn’t reach our goal?

Well, that contentment will have to wait until next year.

Lots of Goodies and More to Box

I forgot to take a pic of the final stacks of boxes – this pic is about 2/3 of the way through packing. Yah, I know, right? I’m SO thankful for all the amazing helpful help!

So I was hoping for 50, right? Praying for 50, right? Prepared to be content with 2, right?

God took our little offerings and turned them into 70 shoeboxes of gifts!

70 Shoeboxes for Operation Christmas Child

What an amazing God! So yah, I’m not content – I’m over the moon thrilled! And so thankful to God that He took the pressure of me, carried the worries from my soul, and blessed children around the world in spite of the raining curveballs!

(Of course, now I worry that we won’t have the complete 70 x $7 of shipping donation, but my sweet daughter reminded me that it’s ok. “God will take care of the rest of the shipping. Some people donate shipping money and don’t do boxes.” Pressure off, peace back.  🙂 )

The Day Itself Has Been a Gift

What a gift this day has been! (I’ll post pics later – probably in the new year.)

And the day began with this verse I pulled from my little Scripture box (which I recently found when I straightened my dresser top):

Packing Day_To God Be the Glory

And that verse really does sum up Operation Christmas Child and the gifts it brings us all –

both to God’s children at home and around the world.

I gotta scoot … the family is waiting for me to click publish so we can enjoy a movie night. What a good God we serve!

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