Operation Christmas Child Sleigh Day

Sleigh Day

Due to circumstances beyond my control,

I need a lot of help both on Packing Day and on Sleigh Day.

And every year for Sleigh Day, we need a sleigh and driver to help deliver shoeboxes to our local drop-off collection point.

Sleigh Day Sign

Some years, we drop off at Chik-Fil-A, where they have gifted us with free sandwich coupons.  Smile  (TIP: Call ahead to make sure they are receiving shoeboxes this year.)

Some years, we drive a little further and drop off at a large church with a huge gymnasium …

Collection Crew

and a parking lot that accommodates trucks like this:

Empty Truck

When we dropped off boxes last year, we were met by a gaggle of Christmas geese!

Christmas Geese

No matter where we drop off,

we are reminded of God’s goodness,

in every season.

Autumnal Christmas Tree

Where are you dropping your boxes off this year?


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