Thanksgiving in April


Thank You, God, for all You have done.

I am actually writing this Thanksgiving post in April.

Even though Operation Christmas Child’s Collection Week

is way down the calendar road

(and will be over for the year by the time this post goes live)

I know God will provide,

will bless,

will encourage

and will make ways where there are no ways.

He is faithful like that.

And I am so thankful.

Eno River SP 2009

And even if things don’t go the way I have planned,

the way I see them in my imagination,

I know that

God will work things out better than I could ever imagine.

Maybe different, but certainly better.

Even if I can’t see it coming.

Or understand it going.

We can thank Him for understanding what we cannot.

Bridge at Eno 2009

Happy Thanksgiving from April past.

And from November present.

Thoughts ... Insights ... Questions?