2016 Presidential General Election: Printable Worksheets


This is an important election.

More is at stake than a simple checkmark on a piece of paper.

Our country’s future is in our hands.

Citizens of the United States of America have much passion.

My hope is that we will …

  • Think clearly about the issues when making our political choices.
  • Not just vote against the one we hate.
  • Vote for the one we think the most alike. Even if that means a write-in.

The candidates are trying to pull on all of our emotions: our heartstrings, our purse strings, our fear strings, our anger strings.

Let’s make this election about the issue strings, for those are the ones tied to our hearts, to our purses, to our fears and to our angers.

Don’t let the politicians pull your strings this election.

Let your vote pull theirs.

Printable Worksheets

Here are several worksheets to help you make a thoughtful decision in this historic election.

Use them to take notes during the debates, while researching candidates, and while having conversations with family and friends.

Learn who you are and what you really believe about the issues along the way.

The Issues

The Issues

The Issues


My Score Card: Presidential General Election


Discussing Politics with Family and Friends

(so you can stay friends)

I'd Like to Say ... I Heard You Say ...

Read more about the USA, politics and an aproned mom speaking up about both.

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