Page-a-Day Planner Curtain Tab Thingie

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You’ve heard of horsie blinders. I need a planner blinder. I hinted at it last post and actually remembered to take a picture! How could I forget since I see it every day??  (Uh, Reality Check, there are plenty of ways I could forget!)

Here she is, my Curtain Tab Thingie:

Planner Curtain Tab Thing 1

First the how so you can make a blinder for your planner, then a sentence or two of why.

How to Make a Curtain Tab Thingie for Your Planner


  • Heavy paper or light plastic that you want to see daily.
  • Scissors
  • A hole puncher (or a small, ready-made page divider like these)
  • Cute tape (I used a form of washi tape)


  • Measure your planner page.
  • If you aren’t using a ready-made page divider, add about an inch on the side you want to see when the planner is closed. You’ll want your Curtain Tab Thingie to stick out either at the top, or the bottom, or on the side. Or any combo of the three.
  • If you are using a ready-made page divider, take it’s width into consideration in measuring. You’ll be taping the paper/plastic sheet to it just past the holes.
  • Cut two sheets to your measurements out of the heavy paper or plastic. (I used my old calendar’s front and back pages since it was nice plastic – and the color and stripes make me happy!)

TIP: It’s better to cut big and trim than to cut too small. Just like hair.  Smile

  • If you are using a divider, slip it in between the two sheets, leaving the holes exposed. (It’s easiest if you put the divider in your planner first.)
  • Tape the two sheets of plastic together on the sides and bottom (and onto to the divider, if using), leaving the top space free for sliding things like a Weekly Compass (I have leftovers from a previous year’s planning system), which is basically a long slip of paper used as a goals reminder.
  • If you aren’t using a a divider, punch holes in your plastic to fit your planner.
  • Trim, adjust, jazz it up. Whatever you need to keep your eyes happy while focusing on the day’s objectives.

Jazzifying Planner to Motivate

Speaking of goals, that reminds me:

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Oh and the Why, I Almost Forgot!

Why did I make a Curtain Tab Thingie for my planner to begin with?

Planner Curtain Tab Thing 2

I function so much better when I can only see one day at a time.

I plan wayyyyy ahead, but I like to see Today today. Not yesterday, not tomorrow. Today. Because ..

See Today Get Busy

Planner Page-a-Day Curtain Tab Thingie

 And now, it’s time to flip my Curtain Tab Thingie and see what the rest of the day holds!

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