Planning a Cottage Year: Day. Time. Jot.

Cottage Plans Day Time Jot

We have our planners – pretty or plain or somewhere in between. We have our blinders on. We have a whole year of blank pages. Now what?

First Step: It Happens Over and Over Again

The first step is to fill in everything that happens regularly, on schedule, rain or shine.

For our family, that’s library days, so I’ll use it as an example.

Are you scared of the library because of the potential fines?

Need an easy way to love the library and avoid the fines?

Make library day a weekly scheduled event.

Day. Time. Jot.

Pick a day, a time, and jot “LIB” (short for library) on each one of those days for the whole month — on both the monthly calendar page AND the daily pages.

Then on next month’s index page (most purchased planners seem to have these) write: LIB on Tuesday – or whatever day you choose. That way you’ll be reminded next month to fill out your calendar for the library.

You can work ahead filling in the entire year for recurring events, but things happen.

For example, our library – two branches – had water leaks back to back and hours change, so it’s best jot month by month.

Repeat the system: Day. Time. Jot. for all recurring appts, outings, and tasks.

Day Time Jot

Scheduled and Routine Meets Fluid and Flexible

Our calendars probably still look pretty empty unless the family is involved in multiple sports or cultural activities.

My calendar has to stay pretty fluid and flexible (versus scheduled and routine) because of various family health challenges, so I try not to commit to things that need, well, commitments. It’s a bummer, but it’s reality.

Where do we go from here?

Come back next time and we’ll talk (a little) about making goals and (a lot) about chucking them.

Don’t worry, all this prep work leads to more learning, loving and serving!

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It’s Your Turn

  • Do you have a planner?
  • Is it too empty? too full? just right?
  • Do you write down your recurring events or responsibilities so you can have a realistic picture of your life and busy-ness?

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