Planning a Cottage Year: Goal Chucking

Cottage Plans_Goal Chucking

We’ve all heard about goal setting, but goal chucking is just as vital. If it is easy to chuck, maybe it was just an idea rather than a goal? Yes, this is a Chuck the Guilt post.  🙂

Now that we have our recurring events on the planner page, let’s set a few goals within our roles, and see what happens when we change our minds.

Goals, Meet Realities

We ponder our roles. We set goals. We write them down. We think of the steps it takes to reach them.  And then we write the steps on planner pages giving us deadlines. (All common goal-setting knowledge.)

What if we change our goal-setting minds?

What if we have goals, but change our minds – or life changes them for us?

I’m in the process of that right now.

Here’s one (of many I could share) example. You can skip reading the example if you’re pressed for time, but I do make a point Smile .

I got into a particular subject in early December and read everything I could devour on it. I was loving it so much I decided to write a unit study for publication.

I wrote out my specific goal (it’s filed under the Edu-Teacher role below), I put the steps in my planner, but every time I see the to do list about the unit study I kind of groan inside.

Putting it all together isn’t nearly as fun as coming up with creative ideas.

Hmmm … rather like prettifying planners?

I’m not going to let the plans on the page guilt me into doing it though, especially when I’d rather do something else productive to reach another, even higher priority goal – yepperoni, I have mucho goals in mind so leaving one by the wayside doesn’t mean I have nothin’ to do!

Swimmin’ the Waters of Guilt

Sometimes though, to be honest, when I chuck an idea or even a goal (gasp!), I do coast for a bit with nothin’ on my mind but the moment and what it offers. And I swim in the unhealthy waters of guilt, which doesn’t help my decision-making.

Waters of Guilt

A Semi-Chuck State

This time around, however, I’m not going to completely chuck the unit study.

I could chuck it – some goals are best chucked – but this one is in semi-chuck state until I determine: Was enjoying the learning process enough for me or do I need to wrap it all up in a bow with a unit study?

I’m pretty content, so maybe it wasn’t a goal after all. Maybe it was just an idea. Yep, that’ll take some pondering.

Cottage Plans_Idea Chucking

The key ponder to ponder is: Was it a goal or was it an idea?

All That to Illustrate:

Don’t let your goals ideas be your master. Let them be your guide.

Some goals are simply ideas in disguise.



It’s Your Turn

  • How do you feel when you change goals? Relieved? Elated? Guilty?
  • Do you trade a good goal for another good goal?
  • Or do you give up your goals and coast?
  • Or a little of both – probably like the rest of the human race?  🙂


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