Embark! Learn with Teens at Home

Preparing Your Child to Set Sail

Speaking of planning, do you have goals for your teenager? Do your teenagers have goals for themselves? Are you feeling overwhelmed trying to keep up with their goals – and yours?

Homeschooling – any schooling – teenagers is about keeping their hearts moored at home while they set sail for seas beyond.

Here are a few quick articles to read – and a conference to attend – about homeschooling high school, preparing teens to set sail, charting a course that brings you both to home port safely.

And here’s a fleet of Pinterest pins about homeschooling high school to follow to your heart’s desire.

And the Conference: Embark!

Embark is a 3-day webinar event hosted by Bright Ideas Press (my favorite homeschool publisher!) designed to help you answer the question “Am I doing enough?”

Embark Conference 2016

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Not Your Season?

If you aren’t in the raising teens season of life, but you know someone who is – or who is about to be – please do share this post.

If it helps, they will be happy you shared, and if it doesn’t, they’ll feel loved that you thought of them.  Red heart

Stay tuned for more about learning, loving and serving!

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