My Little (FREE!) Writing Desk

My Very Wonderful _FREE_Writing Desk


You know the Rhett and Link song, I Am a Thoughtful Guy (“I Think A Lot of Thoughts About a Lot of Things”)?

I think a lot of thoughts, too.  Sometimes, I wish I could just turn my brain off to give it a neuronic synaptic break. Since that’s not always recommended, I try to be productive about it and turn my thoughts into goals, or at the very least wish-based dreams. Sometimes I have to chuck the goals and dreams though (one can have too many).

One day, I dreamt (the awake kind of dreaming) about writing (again, yet, still). So I poked in the creativity corners of the internet while resting in bed with Slick, my recently dear departed netbook, dreaming about a real live writing desk.

I found one for under $1000 (yah, that says one thousand), but I didn’t order it. As Barbie would say, “Obvi!”

As Barbie would say, “Obvi!”

And I found many desks that could absolutely go on my Yes, Please List, so I dreamily pinned them to my Pinterest Boards, whichever board called at the moment:

A Better Idea

But something just wasn’t sitting right.

It was the prices, to be honest.

No matter how far under a thousand dollars I got, something still made me feel wiggly inside. Like there was a better idea out there.

So I prayed and asked my Heavenly Father for writing desk ideas. I just wanted somewhere special to write letters and send cards.

Filled with the Knowledge of God Gift[3]

(This verse and frame was given to us yeeeeears ago, by a precious young couple in South Carolina. If you are out there, please say hello! The gift now sits by My Little Writing Desk. Red heart)

It was after I prayed for help, that I discovered IKEA hacks. I just love when He does that. Smile

I can’t remember the exact sites that struck the writing desk idea chord (I should really keep track of such things), but I do know it was a conglomeration of others’ ideas that gave me this one.

I Don’t Need to Buy a Writing Desk, I Have a Bookshelf!

The bookshelf was already in front of the window, so no need to ask for help to move furniture.

I simply slipped out one shelf and moved up another.

Now I have room for my writing books and my knees.

My Little Writing Desk

I tucked a yard sale fabric tablecloth – that I’ve had for years and which doesn’t fit any current tables we own – between a stack of books and the remaining shelf.

My Writing Desk's Little Shelf

The tablecloth provides a curtain for homeschooling books I can’t yet seem to part with.

Peek Behind the Curtain of My Little Writing Desk

Voila! A writing desk!

Yepperoni, it was THAT easy!

My Little Writing Desk


Little Writing Desk

My Little Writing Desk and Chair

Purchase Price: Zero dollars, zero cents. No tax. Just love. And a pen.

For home. For beyond.


It’s Your Turn

  • Do you have a sweet spot to write – letters or books or just to doodle?
  • Do you have a dream? Can a hack* make it come true?

*Hack: a word that has been used in so many ways, it itself has become a hack – a modification to suit a specific purpose.

The Chair – Up Next!

Don’t miss The Chair That Inspired the Writing Desk – she’s coming up next! Along with a sweet tip for storing your writing supplies.  🙂

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