The Chair That Inspired the Writing Desk

My Sweet Little Writing Desk Chair


And here’s the sweet little chair – one gift of many chairs from my sweet T friend, Tammy, and her papa – that inspired the writing desk dream. Red heart

I had splashed a bit of paint on the beauty (the chair, not Tammy! But I can see why you might be confused. 🙂 ) and sewed a pillow for the new wooden seat my hubby made for it.



The seat, in fact, tucks INTO the pillow, so no splinters for this writing bum, uh seat. Hmmm, tush?



It already had a wooden rose and bow embellishment, so I added a few more roses, a bunch of polka dots and used rose fabric that I’ve been saving for something special.  Saving it for well over 25 years!*


My Little Writing Desk Chair


To Top It Off: A Lunchbox of Writing Supplies

Instead of toddling hither and yon for my return address labels, stamps and seasonal stickers, I turned my lunchbox (bought in the mountains yeeeeears ago for my embroidery work) …

Lunch Box of Writing Supplies

into a sweet spot for writing supplies.

Make a Writing Supplies Lunchbox

It’s easy to make, just open and fill!


Add a magnet to hold your stamps and addresses labels up top. And you’re done!

A Place for Paper, Too

The lunchbox slides just perfectly on top of the pink binder of stationery on the shelf.

And the pretty little composition book I couldn’t resist during back to school sales? It’s where I keep a list of letter recipients’ along with their addresses for handy’s sake.

And now, I’m all ready to write a letter!

My Little Writing Desk and Chair

It’s Your Turn

  • Do you have a sweet spot for writing letters, sending cards?
  • Do you have a chair needing a little love?
  • Do you have fabric that’s just waiting to be used for something special?
  • Maybe the two are waiting for each other.  Red heart Red heart


*I bought this fabric in Paducah, Kentucky, on a late night spree to a fabric warehouse during a cross-country trip with my newlywed husband. (We’ve been married 27 years now.) I  did use some of the fabric about 19 years ago to make a dress for my then little, little girl. And I used some in our family crazy quilt, oh about, 14 years ago. Gee, how time flies and fabric waits.


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  1. Sweet T says:

    You are so clever and creative, Suzanne! I love what you’ve done with that little chair! My dad will also be happy to see what you’ve done.

  2. I’m so happy you like it! I love my little writing corner so very much! What did your dad think? You are welcome to bring him by for visitation rights. 😉

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