Book Recommendation: The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up

Book Recommendation_Life ChangingTidying

Since we’ve been talking words in the form of writing letters, let’s talk words in the sense of reading them. (I do love words!)

Do you have an hour or so to skim a book that will stick with you like tuna on toast?

The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying UpThe Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondō
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This book will make you smile, will help you sip your coffee more slowly, will congratulate you for naming your electric rice cooker, Eva.

Oh and it will teach you how to fold your clothes.


I Thought I Knew How to Fold Clothes

I thought I knew how to fold clothes. I mean, I’ve worked retail. But this book isn’t for people who live in retail stores, it’s for people who live at home. For those who fold clothes at home.

I thought I knew how to fold clothes. I mean, I’ve worked retail.

Beyond Clothes

Beyond clothes, this book is also for they we who have too many books, too many freebies from business fairs, too many of anything. Too much of everything.

It’s a quick read with the possibility of quick implements.

Marie Kondo challenges us to take a few hours and change our lives. And she doesn’t do it the same way everyone else tells us to do it.

But being me, I have to tweak it to fit my reality.

Do you ever have to tweak professional advice to fit reality?

Testing the Theory: Clothes Folding

I haven’t take the hours she recommends to tackle whole categories of belongings, like clothes or books. (More about my adaptations next post.)

But I did take a few minutes to test Marie Kondo’s theory of folding clothes.

I’ll let you read the details of the method in her book. I found it at our public library. (The large print version makes for very easy scanning.)

Did folding the Kon-Marie way work?


I do like my dresser drawers a lot more than I did pre-this-book!

Folded Clothes

I don’t fold as well as she does, but that’s ok. It sure is easier to find things, imperfect as the folds may be.

Adaptations to the Magic

Next post, I’ll be sharing how I adapted Marie’s plan to fit my reality, something we all have to do at one time or twenty.

Reality is just like that.

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