Daily Lift Your Shaky Hands


Blessed Be the Lord Who Daily Lifts Us Up

Life has been difficult.

Does your brain ever go into shut down mode?

Yah, me too.

All mine has been good for is mulling truth, playing free games like Five in a Row (a bubble game on the Blueray gift from our young friends to bring us into the 21st century), and keeping up with medical things.

Multi-Player Setting

Since the bubble game only has a 1-player setting (my husband and I are competing for high scores – the bar is set high now!) and since medical things are, well, you know how medical things are, I want to share the mulling.

Let me change that.

I need to share the mulling.

Because, I’m learning, life has a multi-player setting.

Does your life have difficulties?

Chances are, yes, life offers difficulties for you, too.

Reality Check: Life has difficulties.

I hope we can mull together.

Do you have a notebook where you write your mullings?

I transcribed this verse from Psalm 68 into my Living Hope Moleskine notebook for pondering, for remembering.

The Lord Daily Lifts Us Up

As I mulled, numerous friends and family came to mind.

My heart tugged to share it.

Jazzing Up Reality

So I took a pic, Picasa’d it (that’s one of the free photo editing doodads I use), and shared it on my personal Facebook wall.

I was disappointed. It doesn’t look very pretty in cyber life.

Real life rarely resembles the perfect lines of cyber life.

We stage our coffee cups, we set up light reflectors to bounce shadows away, we clear clutter juuuuuuuust enough to not be in the shot.

It’s what we do because we like cyber life pretty, perfect, colored in the lines.

That’s why many of us come to cyber life to begin with.

It’s a controlled environment.

Shaky Hands, Be Gone!

Keeping up with cyber appearances, I turned Psalm 68:19 into a graphic:

perfectly-edged fonts, no shaky hands.

Blessed Be the Lord Who Daily Lifts Us Up

It’s glitzier, but I think it lost some of the humanity.

The kind of humanity that needs daily lifting.

Shaky hands, imperfect spacing, you know, the stuff of real life.

Even if people prefer perfect images, God looks at the shaky hands – the shaky hearts – and says, “I’m here to lift you up.”

No graphics editor needed.

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  1. You have no idea how much I needed this today.

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