Burrito Bowls in a Box

Burrito Bowl in a Box

I have spent much of my adult life creating meals out of thin air.  Or so it’s felt!

With a huge list of We Can’t Afford That and a massive list of The Children Can’t Eat This (life-threatening food allergies), many times I had to trust God to work kitchen miracles …


“I had to trust God to work kitchen miracles.”

… primarily so my husband didn’t kill me when he saw the food bill and so my kids didn’t die after dinner. Or breakfast. Or lunch.

The husband killing me is a hyperbole. The kids dying, not so much.

Burrito Bowls

Burrito Bowl Dinner Prep

When I saw this recipe for 10-Minute Burrito Bowls, my interest was piqued with possibilities.

Sticky Note_Tuesday's Dinner

Scanning the recipe for killer ingredients (literally), it looked pretty much almost safe.

We can DO this with very little adaptation!

The only thing I had to omit was the lime for my daughter.

“Did you know citrus can worsen eczema?”

Did you know citrus can worsen eczema? We learned that at National Jewish Health in Denver.

Burrito Bowl in a Box

The only other adaptation I made was serving the Burrito Bowl in a box, like a mini-salad bar.

Oh and I cooked my rice in Eva (pronounced Evaaaaaah), our rice cooker.

Since I saved money on the rice, I splurged on pre-grilled chicken strips.  I’ve paid a lot more for math lessons back in the day, so why not for a bit of convenience when life is shaky?

Call it Chicken Curriculum for the Mama’s Soul.


A Chicken Splurge


It’s Your Turn

How do you like serve to burritos?  In a tortilla? In a bowl? Or in a box?


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