Bible Art: Use Index Cards to Mull Scripture

Bible Art

Do you need to slow down and mull more?  I sure do. My brain runs faster than my feet, and sometimes I just have to pull the reigns back and rest in Him.

When I came across Lifeway’s 30 Day Bible Journal Challenge, I was in! At least on paper.* I should say, index cards.  Smile

Simple Steps

Every day, after reading a Psalm and a chapter or so in the Old Testament (I just finished Deuteronomy and am half-way through Leviticus in my Literary Study Bible), I pull out an index card and … well, I do this:

  1. Ponder the verse a bit, until words, phrases, literary devices stand out.
  2. Write the verse on the card, using a nice pen or marker, being a bit artsy along the way.
  3. Write the reference in the corner.
  4. Add some color and maybe a sketch.
  5. Thank God for His Word.
  6. Review a few of the previous cards, tucking today’s card into the box.

Bible Art Journaling Options

Some people are journaling their thoughts, creating artwork right in their Bibles. I do that a little bit – and now that I have a Bible with larger margins I have more room – but I still want my Bible to be readable.

The last few years, I’ve used Moleskines for my Bible journaling. I still use them for heavy note-taking, but I wanted to use something different.

Something I could jazz up to my heart’s content and not worry about bleeding through to the next page.

God of Hope

What gave me the idea to use the index cards was the Summer of Design my daughter and I shared a few years ago. It was so much fun!

Many Loves, One Setting

Mix the Bible, a crocheted bag of markers, pens, and colored pencils, and a stack of inexpensive cards and you have several loves in one setting!


Bible + art + index cards = Smile

It’s Your Turn

Do you enjoy pondering Scripture, but find your mind wanders?

Try the 30 Day Bible Journal challenge! It may be just what you’ve been looking for.  Smile


*Reality Check: One thing I haven’t done regularly is remember to share with the hashtag #noteworthyTruth on Twitter. I’ve been spending more time in real life than in cyber, so it just slips my mind. I also don’t have a smartphone so taking pics and sharing is a little more complex. Some realities are like that.

Speaking of realities …

Do you struggle with the trade-offs between real life and cyber, too?

Thoughts ... Insights ... Questions?