Rose in Bloom Mega-Afghan

Rose in Bloom Crocheted Blanket

Turning 50 this year, I wanted to do something out of the box, out of my ordinary, something larger than life.

So I crocheted a nearly 8’ diameter afghan – for myself!  Smile

Rose in Bloom_Mega Afghan

Red Heart began a crochet along on Ravelry with the Tides of Change afghan at just the right time, so I played with colors (scroll down for how) and began making a very, very large rose blanket!

Here is one of her first baby pictures:

Tides of Change Baby Pic

When she was nearing completion, I draped her over my dining room table for a photo shoot:

Rose in Bloom_ A Few Rounds to Go

Rose on Table

Choosing Colors

I chose the colors for my Rose in Bloom by creating a printed coloring page (with permission of the pattern designer, Frank O’Randle) and coloring it in with colored pencils.

Tides of Change Afghan Coloring Page

I also played with digital color.

Here is my Inkscape concept board:

Tides of Change_Rose

By the time my Rose in Bloom was complete, our living room would have to be cleared of furniture to capture the whole blanket without the fringes of real life showing.

Hence, the fringes of life, you know, showing:

Rose in Bloom Mega-Afghan

And here she is …

planted by my garden window:

Rose Window

It’s Your Turn

  • Do you craft for your home?
  • For others?
  • For yourself?


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  1. Beautiful. Thank you for the coloring page, too. Is an excellent idea for all his patterns.

  2. Thank you, Ann! I’m so glad you found the coloring page idea helpful. I have so many color schemes in mind for his patterns! Just need the time and a reason to make them. 🙂

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