Rose in Bloom Curtain Ties

Rose Curtain Ties

Once I planted my Rose in Bloom mega-afghan by my garden window (presently the garden inhabitants tend to be weeds – some realities are like that), I was very motivated to have springtime curtains and ties.

I’d looked for springy curtains for over two years and never found quite the combo I was looking for:

  • Good quality
  • Lightweight but not see-through
  • Happy (I had a picture of what happy would look like in my mind, or at least how it would feel)
  • A good price
  • A great price would be even better!

Suiting Whimsy

Not finding exactly what I was looking for – and not really even coming close to all my hopes in one package – my daughter suggested I buy simple light-colored curtains and jazz them up with scarves or fabric or crocheting.

Brilliant! Then I can change the look as whimsy suits. She knows me, oh how she knows me!

I still couldn’t find what I was looking for, so …

Tablecloths to Curtains

So when I found 4 tablecloths made out of the same fabric as curtains on the clearance rack at one of our favorite stores, I knew I hit the cottage pot pie!

One row of stitches a few inches from each top edge creates a casing and voila, curtains! All four panels cost less than I would have paid for one ready-made one!

Curtain Tie Rose in Bloom

They even have a nice lattice-like texture.

Rose in Bloom Curtain Ties

The curtain ties are crocheted roses from my now favorite rose pattern ever.

If you love it, too, put the pattern in your Ravelry queue.

Rose in Bloom Curtain Tie

The tie part that wraps around the curtain I designed on the hook using Edging #62 from Around the Corner Crochet Borders.

You can find Around the Corner on my Goodreads shelf and in my Ravelry library.

The book even has a spot in my real life crochet corner. My son bought it for me as a gift a few years ago!  Red heart

Rose and Leaf Curtain Tie

With my mega-afghan, rose ties and beautiful spring weather, talk about being motivated to pull back the curtains to let the sunshine in!  Smile

Rose Curtain Ties


Have you seen the movie, War Room?

This for years has been my War Room.
Now it’s my War of Roses Room. Winking smile
Abundant Life
And my index card art studio.  Smile

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