Jingle Bell Bracelet

Jingle Bell Bracelet for Operation Christmas Child

It’s that time of year!  Time to craft, craft, craft for Operation Christmas Child!  And keep an eye out for buy-one-get-one and clearance sales, too.  Smile

When I needed to spend just a wee bit more to get a whole lot of $ off, I found a package of jingle bells playing my tune.

Jingle Bells

I brought them home to my yarn stash and hooked them up with some brightly colored pony beads to make a Jingle Bell Bracelet for Operation Christmas Child.

You can use any beaded bracelet pattern (scroll down for patterns), just substitute bells for beads. Jingle Bell Bracelet Step 1

If you want to have bells and beads, string them on the yarn in the reverse order you want to use them in your design.

Beads and bells that go on last will be used first.

For example, here I’ve just strung bells. If I wanted beads, too, I would need to string: bell-bead-bell-bead. Or whatever pattern pleases you.  Smile

Jingle Bell Bracelet Step 2

What do you do if you’ve strung a herd of bells and forgotten to string beads in between?

I did that very thing, so I came up with this solution:

Create a loop close to your crochet piece, then slip that loop in the hole of the bead.

Jingle Bell Bracelet Step 3

Use that loop as your next yarn over.

Jingle Bell Bracelet Step 4

The bead gets crocheted in right where you want it!

Jingle Bell Bracelet Step 5

Then you can slide the next bell up.

Jingle Bell Bracelet Step 6

And continue on just as if you’d planned it to work that way. Smile

Jingle Bell Bracelet Step 7

Slide bell, slip loop on bead, slide bell …

Jingle Bell Bracelet Step 8

In the bracelet below, I used one bell and lots of beads:

Jingle Bell Bracelet Finished

As far as the actual pattern I used, it’s super easy.

I just made a row of fsc, adding a bead/bell every so often, then sc around the row on both sides of the fsc, finishing by sewing together the short ends.

Here are a few more beaded bracelet patterns to play with:

They work up so quickly every shoebox can have one!

It’s Your Turn

  • Do have a favorite craft item that you like to include in your shoeboxes?
  • Do you crochet with beads or bells?



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