Impact Versus Imprint

Impact Versus Imprint

We’re all morphing all the time.  Cells renew daily, synaptic bridges are created, new information comes our way, priorities shift, plans change,  new thought processes develop.  And we constantly adapt.  No wonder we get tired!

All that to let you know that I changed my Welcome Page just a bit.  🙂

Impact or Imprint?

Originally the welcome page said (among other things) …

Do you want to IMPACT the world?”


After some heavy mulling, I created a new graphic of a rubber stamp with the word, imprint.

I make all my own graphics, by the way. It’s part of my life’s delight!

Need something graphic-y?

I take commissions!


Confirming my necessity of morphing, said this about the two words under consideration:

  • Impact:  the striking of one thing against another; forceful contact; collision.
  • Imprint: a mark made by pressure; a mark or figure impressed or printed on something.

As much as I’d like to impact the world (it sure has slapped me in the face a few many times), I’m finding it’s best to leave imprints.


Well, for one, I like to be imprinted upon, not impacted upon like a meteor leaving a gaping wound in my earth. (More about that in a min.)

Leaving 3-D Imprints

When we learn, love and serve at home and beyond we imprint on each other’s lives.

We leave an imprint on each other’s 3-D lives, where reality meets the heart.

Within the last few years I have experienced grace-filled imprinting on my soul. Gently pressing love – imprinting God’s love – on my heart through kindnesses, patience (MUCH patience), prayer and concern.

Hope Restored

I still react strongly (truly sorry ‘bout that) to soul-crushing meteors – and even perceived soul-crushing meteors – but I’m working on it. More patience for a 1st Gen Christian girl, please?

Imprints on Eternal Hands

Christ impacted the world by allowing its residents to leave an imprint on His hands and feet.  For us.

Allow Him to press His nail-scarred hands to your forehead, breathe in the peace of His presence, allow Him to imprint your life. When we do, we then have something worth rubber stamping.

Vulnerable Foreheads

If the thought of His hands on your vulnerable forehead frightens you, know that He died for you.

He died because of that very real, very realistic fear you feel at the thought of the nearness of God.

He carried your sin – it’s that which you feel the weight of – so you can be safely in His presence.

And all He asks? That we believe Him.


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