BONUS POST: Recycling in Jax

Recycle Jax


In the interests of continuing to keep my sanity, I offer another bonus post of few words.  Hmmm, is that your benefit as well as mine? Winking smile

In our town (a city of near a million), we were given a big – GIANT! – recycling can with a bright yellow lid. Along with said can came a list of instructions several pages long.

I let the hubby read the book. I made a handout. And posted it to our refrigerator.  Smile

In case you have a big – GIANT! – recycling can, too, I thought you might like to print out the handout for your refrigerator. Then our fridges can be twinsies! Red heart

Many thanks to the City of Jacksonville for increasing our tax dollars AND providing the can and the list for our “convenience.”

Ahhh, the joys – and trash – of a fallen world.

Oh and click here for the pdf printableSmile


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