Fantasy Kitchen, Part One

IKEA Storage Pails_Fantasy Kitchen


If one can’t have the kitchen of their fantasies, then create a fantasy kitchen!

God has used my little cottage in the urban woods like a canvas for my soul over the last 16 years.

Today I want to tell you about my kitchen, my Fantasy Kitchen, my Kitchen of Whimsy. Plastic Bag Holder Fantasy Style


It’s Been a Process

It’s been a process bringing my cottage from a lifeless shell to a place of creativity and whimsy. And it’s still in process.

Why Whimsy?

In the day of traditional this, vintage that (I do love vintage!), or high style this and perfect lines for that, I knew my little cottage kitchen was asking for something, well, different.

Sweet PotatOats

See, my children – one now a college grad and one getting her BA – have life-threatening food allergies.

That would be difficult enough to cook for in the midst of homeschooling from birth to high school graduation, but add in years of testing, elimination diets, more testing, then travel to Duke University Medical Clinic in NC and National Jewish Health in CO, to get a firm grasp on what was making them so dog-gone blasted sick.

We have a lot of answers, but we still don’t have them all.

Cooking in a Bomb Factory

Stepping into the kitchen was is like trying to cook for my family in a bomb factory.

Feed them, but don’t cut the wrong wire, don’t add the wrong ingredient.

And in some cases, you don’t know what that wrong ingredient might be.

Stepping into the kitchen was like trying to cook for my family in a bomb factory.

Feed them, but don’t cut the wrong wire, don’t add the wrong ingredient.

I needed a lighthearted kitchen because cooking and baking was anything BUT a lighthearted matter.

Back to the Kitchen

With our limited-outdoors-activities-because-of-environmental allergies I wanted something outdoorsy indoors. So, years and years ago I painted trees on my cupboards to give them some love, as I knew we couldn’t give them an overhaul.


Medical bills or kitchen renovation?  Pay the piper and paint trees.

Then, several years ago, inspired by our homeschool co-op’s art history classes (which I LOVED teaching, btw!) I did this over the stove:

Over the Stove Whimsy


A few years later, aprons became my curtains:

Apron Curtain

Then a bit of colorful crochet made practical storage of plastic grocery bags, well, practical and whimsical:

Plastic Bag Holder Fantasy Style

I had even more plans, but then … well, that’s for Part Two … along with a clever way to store all those storage bag clips that clutter up kitchen drawers like barrettes in the bathroom.

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It’s Your Turn

  • What needs do your family members have?
  • Do the needs squelch your creativity or inspire it?
  • How do you store your plastic bags from the grocery store?

Crocheted storage doodads for plastic grocery bag storage are available on commission basis.  Contact me for details.


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