Fantasy Kitchen, Part Two

Fantasy Kitchen Cupboard

Did you see Part One of the Fantasy Kitchen? I was pretty pleased with my cottage kitchen progress, but I still had plans. Lots of plans.

In fact, I had all kinds of great plans and then … well, things happened. So, I had to change my plans.

There’s a life tip for ya:

When plans are interrupted, it’s a good plan to change plans.

Don't Give Up_Change Plans[2]


The next time you have something happen that squelches who you are and what you want to do, fill in these blanks:

I can’t do _______________, so I’ll do __________________.

Take Flight One Flap at a Time

So, due to circumstances beyond my control, I couldn’t finish my kitchen in one fell swoop. In fact, it will take many, many, many tiny swoops.

I found I could paint with a small brush in small bits of time. By using small tubes and 2 oz bottles of craft paint, I could add a detail, rest, add a detail, rest.

And ta da! Flap by flap, stroke by stroke, my fantasy kitchen is taking flight!

Fantasy Kitchen Cupboard

I only have one cupboard done so far, but in time I’ll get the other one fantasied-up.  And yes, those are strawberry treesSmile

While I wait for the painting bug to strike again, I whipped up some whimsical crocheting to store my storage bag clips across the back door:

Storage Bag Clips_Limeade 5 cents[2]


You can’t quite see the colors in the clip hanger, but they match my plastic storage bag storage, uh, bag.  🙂

Plastic Bag Holder Fantasy Style

I love whimsy and the fun of fantasy, but I also know there are times to take life seriously.  I’ve had this little plaque for nearly 30 years. It’s followed me from kitchen to kitchen across the country.


I’m so thankful God has never left me nor forsaken me, even when it felt like it at times. Red heart

It’s Your Turn

How would you fill in these blanks?

I can’t do _______________, so I’ll do __________________.


Crocheted storage doodads for plastic grocery bag storage and for bag clips are available on commission basis.  Contact me for details.

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