Baby Cowboy Hat

Brown Baby Cowboy Hat for Baby

Wow! I’ve had such a great response from this little baby cowboy/cowgirl hat and so many wonderful questions and tips that I thought it time for an update on the pattern.

Find Cowboy Hat Shaping Guide Here

We all learn, we all change, we all expand our horizons (or limit them, as the case may be).

Patterns are no different, so here’s an updated version of the Original (Tweaked) Baby Cowboy Hat.

What We’ve Learned

Here’s what we’ve learned together with this little cutey over and over again:

    • An I-hook for the brim makes it too floppy. Try a smaller hook for the brim, even if you use a larger hook for the crown and sides.
    • You might also consider adding another round of all sc after Round 18 and before Round 19 of the sc inc. Seems to give the hat greater depth to hold the weight of the brim curl.
    • Round 20 (of my original adaptation) with an increase every other stitch can also make the brim floppy.

Bright Pink Cowgirl Hat_bit floppier brim


  • So for Round 20, try *hdc in 2 sts, 2 hdc in next st*.
  • Worsted weight acrylic yarn holds a cowboy hat shape better than some other yarns.
  • The dreaded seam: Follow the original pattern directions carefully and stop sl st/ch-1 after Round 3. If you notice Round 4 and beyond doesn’t call for sl st/ch-1 at the join, something I continue to miss, giving me a constant seam. Must. Remember. This.
  • I also made some changes to the hat band. Gee, I didn’t know much about writing patterns back then.   Always learning!

Baby Cowboy Hat in Brown

Print It – Make It – Yeehaw!

I almost feel like I’ve made enough adaptations to call it a new pattern, but I still want to give credit where credit is due, so as long as Angie has her original pattern online, I think it’s best to send you to her site to get you started. Then come back here for the brim. Smile

Baby Cowboy Hat: A New Brim, printable pattern


Baby Cowboy Hat_BW


 Wouldn’t this be adorable in red, white and blue for a
military baby served by the USO?


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