Bonus Post: Union Dissolution


Leaving Facebook

The time has come. It’s been a good ride. Well, not really. But I’m trying to be positive.

The time has come for a dissolution of union.

Here’s the note I left on the cyber-table this afternoon:

Well, my Facebook fans … algorithms are awesome, but not always kind. In other words, this FB page may soon be added to my Well-That-Was-Interesting life diary entry.

My advertising budget being quite absent and my loves quite strong (think yarn and writing), I shall be pursuing those loves rather than an algebraic blessing. wlEmoticon-redheart.png

You can find – and contact – me on my blog, of course,

And I’ll still be on Twitter, Pinterest and Ravelry, as well as – at least for a bit – popping in at Google Plus.  Oh, and I gather sounds at YouTube, too.

In the adapted words of many a wedding officiator,

** “If anyone has objects to this dissolution of union, please speak now before it’s too late.wlEmoticon-redheart.png**

Love ‘n’ real life, Suzanne


I still want to be social. Just don’t want to go crazy in the process. 🙂



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  1. Clara DeVane says:

    Hi, Suzanne…so sorry to hear you are scaling back…but, I don’t blame you. We all have to, at some point, step back and take a hard look at where our priorities are. I will miss reading your posts, but totally understand. Take care, friend, and wishing you the VERY best that He has to offer.


    • Hi Clara,

      Thank you so much for the understanding heart! It means SO much. 🙂 The good news is: I’ll still be doing everything I usually do on this blog (and knowing me maybe more), I just won’t be posting the links on my Facebook author’s page.

      Emails will still be arriving in your inbox with new blog posts – so keep looking for them! If you aren’t already subscribed for emails, just look on any page and there will be a subscription box. 🙂

      I am SO glad we met in cyber life and then in real life. You are truly a gift, Clara!

  2. Are you still gonna send out emails? I sure hope so. I enjoy them so much, but understand if you don’t. God bless you always.

    • I’m so thankful you wrote! It means so many oodles much that people are being encouraged by the posts and emails.

      Good News:

      No worries on the email front! 🙂 I’ll still be creating my little heart out on the blog and sending out the emails. I’m just stepping away from the Facebook author’s page to create a bit of brain space for other creative worlds.

      Great to know you’re one of the cottage family!

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