Retirement Update: Rejoice with a Tremble

Rejoice with Trembling Hands

When I was younger, I used to rejoice with uplifted hands, confident hands, even boastful hands.

“God, look at me! I’m worshipping you! I’m not in my lost state!  I’m not a mess! You saved me!  You saved ME!  I’m living for you!”

Those were rejoicing days, blessed days.  Grace-filled days.

I went through a shaking hands stage, too. When I was shaking my hands at God. But that’s another story.

Shakier Hands

Now that I am not-as-young, I find my rejoicing to be shakier, tremble-ier. Not solely because my hands have a slight age-related quiver they once did not have.

You’ve probably noticed the shaky hands in some of my photography.  Sometimes, pictures come out crisp and clear. Sometimes they are a bit on the less crisp side.

Praise Him Name

I worried about it for a while, but the reality is tripods are not always convenient, so what you see is what you get.  Smile

Oh I might hit a winner here and there, but for the most part if you’re looking for photog spiff and well-crafted image jazz orchestrated by perfect hands, this may not be where you’ll find it.

Appreciate the Shake

But I imagine – because I’ve been told – there are those who appreciate the shaky photos, the real world peephole into a shaky life, with shaky hands and sometimes a shaky heart.

Real life isn’t digitalized or scripted.

Maybe that’s why we are sometimes disappointed?

Shaky Hands Song

So when we sang this song at church (this isn’t a video of our church, but it’s the song we sang) …

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… this line reached into my shaky heart and reminded me of the post, Daily Lift Your Shaky Hands:

Rejoice, sing of mercies of your King and with trembling, rejoice

Still Rejoicing, Just a Little Shaky

My rejoicing hands still lift up, but with a thankfulness that He gives me the strength to do it.

My rejoicing is still confident – growing ever more convinced – that it is His power, His love, His mercies that give me the confidence to worship Him, the Creator of All.

God's Love Offers Confidence to Worship

My hands are still boastful hands. I haven’t got this down. I still boast, but I hope that more and more I will boast in Him, the God of my salvation, the God of my comfort, the God of mercies.

Retirement Update Summed Up

These are rejoicing days, blessed days, imperfect days.  Shaky days. Grace-filled days.

Just like they’ve always been.

I just didn’t know how *much* God was holding my hands …


… while I’ve been putting the pieces together.

It’s Your Turn

  • Will you rejoice … in Him … with me?
  • Shaky hands, shaky heart, shaky world and all?




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