Do You Love Your Blender? (and a simple recipe)

Love your Blender

Do you love your blender?  I love my blender. I would say, I’m in love with my blender, but that’s a little creepy.

Name Your Loves

And in the name of love, we name our loves, don’t we?

We name our babies, our favorite stuffed animal, our cars, our household appliances:

  • Max, my vacuum cleaner.
  • Evaaaaaa, my rice cooker.
  • VegaVitaVitamin, (VVV) my Vitamix blender.
  • Grant, my son.
  • Winter, my daughter.
  • Skyfall, our car.

[And no, I don’t love them in that ^^^ order.  Winking smile ]

Orange Oat Think Drink

Speaking of love, I have to tell you about one of my favorite morning loves. Well, actually three of them.

Many mornings I wake up to a cup of lemon ginger tea with soy milk  – for the Vitamin D and a sweet reminder of Granny’s powdered sugared lemon cookies. (That’s Love #1.)

After time in my Literary Study Bible (still hard to believe this Love #2 is mine!), I toddle out to the computer.

Orange-Oat Mornng Think Drink

There must be a more grown-up word for toddle, but I can’t think of one, and today I know I’ll get lost in the thesaurus, I can feel it, so toddle it is. Smile

While I wait for the electric-box-with-another-world-in-it to warm up, I toss my Love #3 ingredients into VVV:

Orange-Oat Morning Think Drink

  • a sprinkle of Quaker rolled oats
  • a healthy glug of Vitamin D-fortified orange juice
  • a chug of soy milk (more D).

Put lid on. Turn it on high. Watch it whirl.

Turn it off. Take lid off. Pour into glass.

Fill VVV 1/3 full of hot water. Put lid back on.

Turn it on. Whirl.

Take lid off. Pour out water. Rinse.

Ready for tomorrow!

I call it my Orange-Oat Morning Think Drink because mornings are when I write. And thinking, for some reason, is a big help with that endeavor. So is staying put in my chair.

Sipping helps both the thinking and the staying put.

REALITY CHECK: Sometimes it ends up being my Orange-Oat Lunchtime Think Drink because there are mornings I forget to make it until my tummy grumbles around lunchtime.

Did this think drink sound familiar?

It may remind you a wee bit – because it’s orange? – of my leftover cake batter drink, Carrot Cake Smoothie. I made that one again this year after making carrot cake for the hubby’s birthday.

I do love making carrot cake with VVV to do the carrot chopping!


Speaking of carrots, aren’t these carrot coasters the bunny’s meow?

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