Need a Gift? Make It a Handmade One!

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I shared my Orange-Oat Think Drink recipe (if one can call such a simple mix a recipe), but I didn’t say much about the actual blender.  That’s because I used to be a Vitamix affiliate, but I’m not any more.

Other than working with Bright Ideas Press, affiliate marketing was taking too much time and brain energy for too little return.

Vitamix still makes AWESOME blenders and you should really look into getting one. I just won’t get a commission for it, and that’s ok. Yah, they are THAT good.

My Gifts Can Be Your Gifts

So, for now I’m writing at BIP and trusting God to bring in crochet commissions to keep my blog running and my service, um, serving.  Smile

In that sense, my gifts (crochet skills) can be your gifts. You tell me what you are looking for, I’ll make it.

  • Your friend or family member – or you yourself! – receives a gift.
  • I receive a commission.
  • And the blog gets fed. We all win!

What Can I Make? What Do You Want?  🙂

I’ve made blankets (baby-size to king-size), hats, fingerless gloves, gift bags, ditty bags, tote bags, holders for grocery store plastic bags, dolls, toys, pencil cases, crayon bags, baby outfits, and more.

Rose in Bloom_Mega Afghan

You can take a peek at some of my work here.

Here are two of my latest crochet commissions:

Spring Commissions by Suzanne Broadhurst[2]

The flowery hat is for a 4-year old in The Netherlands.

The throw is 4’ x 5’ with a happy basket of flowers applique.

Would you like something crocheted?

Let’s talk!

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