Bonus Post: Rose from Up High and an “Oops, Sorry”

Rose in Bloom on Table

Perspective. It’s such a handy tool to see the bigger picture.  The more perspective I get – even taking photos of a crocheted rose blanket – the more I need to, well, see more.

Sometimes life is like that.

Rose in Bloom from Up High 1


A Techno Oops

Sometimes with perspective comes an opportunity to say “Oops, sorry.”

This time around it’s not an apology in the sense I did anything wrong, but for a techno-oops that I didn’t catch. Smile

Here’s the Techno Bit:

Behind the screen of a blog is code. Within the techno space of code are things called “plug-ins.”

Scented oil warmers to make our house smell pretty?

For my blog?!  Mmmm, niiiiiice!

Uh no. That was my question too, when I heard the term at the BEECH blogging mini-conference so many years ago.  (The teacher-ladies were VERY patient with me!)

But I learned over time, that …

Plug-ins Don’t Smell Pretty, But They Can Make a Blog Pretty Awesome

A website plug-in is code already written to make things happen so I don’t have to figure out how to make it happen.

Plug-ins are wonderful EXCEPT when they do the unexpected.

Here’s the Oops, Sorry:

It seems the plug-in I use to automatically link Bible verse references and create little pop-up boxes for your convenience doesn’t always recognize that not everything with a number nearby is a Bible reference. Disappointed smile

For example, in my last post “is 4’ x 5’” referred to the size of the commissioned throw I made.

Ruby's Basket of Flowers Blanket

The plug-in interpreted it as a passage in the book of Isaiah.

Sorry ‘bout that.

Fascinating Passage

Although, to be honest, it was a pretty fascinating passage about redemption.  Smile

In that sense, I don’t apologize for the truth of God’s Word. Red heart

But I do apologize for the context in which it appeared: “I’m seeking crochet commissions. And while I’m here, BAM! Here’s the Bible!”  Oops! Red heart

I prefer to weave the Word, not slam dunk it.

The Bible

For the Curious

Are you curious which passage it was?

Well, just for you, here ya go. Secret telling smile It was Isaiah 4:1-6.

On to my to-do list goes:

Find out if I can tweak plug-in code to recognize only actual Bible verses.  Nerd smile

Life is all about discovery, isn’t it? 

Let’s learn together …

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