Best Bible Cover Ever!


Best Bible Cover Ever - and It's Pink!

Did you see The Literary Study Bible book recommendation?  And my swoon over its glossary? In love Here’s the Bible cover I promised to show you:

Best Bible Cover Ever

There’s a pocket on the front, where I clip my white and Sakura non-bleeding pens.

When you open it up, there is a place for a notepad, pen and highlighter – and it comes ready equipped with those 3 tools! 

Inside of the Bible Cover

There are also accordion-type slots for notebooks. Moleskines fit perfectly.

Room for Moleskines in Bible Cover

I love this next combo of features.  It has a seat belt to keep my Bible closed.  And …

Seatbelt for Bible

it has velcro straps that hold my Bible in the case, but ALSO let me take my Bible out – still in a simple cover – in case I want to use it without all the extra features.

Removable Bible

Yah, I’m in love with my Bible and my Bible cover.

But mostly I’m in love with the Author. Red heart

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