A Retirement Tribute: My Annie

Retirement Tribute to My Annie, My Sister

This is Annie. She’s my big sister. She’s been my sister all my life. (She also had 16 years pre-me.) And she’s fabulous.

Now, don’t think I say that fabulous thing lightly, like some meme touting the fabulous-ness of sisters. She really is fabulous.

Annie and a Kid

Annie is retiring from a lifetime of educational service in both the private and public sector. You might think we had edu-conflicts over the years since homeschooling runs through my edu-veins.

But Annie isn’t just a teacher, she’s an educator.

I remember … oh dear, I could share a lot of memories with you, but I’m here to show you who my big sister is. And to honor her for who she is. Not only is Annie an educator …

Annie is a Mom

Annie and Her Girl

Annie is the Nana of Graduates

Annie Celebrates in Style

Annie is the Nana of the Bride

Annie at Wedding

Annie Grows a Big (and Big-hearted) Grandson

Annie Grows a Mighty Big Grandson

Annie is a Celebrator

Annie at Christmas

Annie has Fun

Annie Has Fun

Annie is a Caregiver

Annie is a Caregiver

Annie Loves the Littles

Annie Loves the Littles

Annie Travels

Annie Travels

Annie Supports the Military

Annie USAF

Annie Has Ears to Listen

Annie's Got Ears

Annie has Her Eyes On You

Annie's Got Her Eye On You

Our Annie is Married to Our Jimmy

Annie's True Love

Annie is … Annie

That's Our Annie

And … Annie Knows How to Relax

Annie Relaxes

We hope she gets plenty of that ^^^ now that she is retired!

Congratulations, Annie!

I love you and I am so proud of YOU!

And if David, our brother (your little, my big) were here on earth he would tell you he’s proud of you, too!

An Open Note to Annie

Annie, you were the first born of the first family and I was the only born of the second family. So many times, even though we were born of the same parents, I have felt isolated from my three siblings because you all have been more than a decade ahead of me.

But as I got older, you influenced my life in so many ways. On days that I wanted to quit and run away, you were there loving me, encouraging me, being real with me.

By sharing your struggles, you let me know it was ok to struggle.

By sharing your joys, you let me know it was ok to play.

By sharing your love, you let me know there are many ways to love.

Of All the Students

Of all the students you’ve had over the years, I think I am far the most lucky, for I not only have had you for a teacher, I’ve had you for a sister, and for a friend.

I Love My Annie



  1. Beautiful tribute to a wonderful big sister!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Annie was like a mom to a youth group back in Louisiana while she was going to college …. she impacted many lives with her love compassion and wisdom!! to this day she is still and always be momma annie to me…Enjoy a well deserved retirement!!! loved ya then and love ya now!!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      Loved those fun times with y’all😀

    • Oh how precious! I remember visiting my sis, Annie, in Louisiana when I was in high school. We made spinach ravioli in her kitchen! It was my first experience with humidity on a crazy level. Years later, we moved to Florida and now I know it on first-name basis. 😉

  3. Such a beautiful tribute to a beautiful lady. Thank-you for posting this! I met her when she worked in S. Orange County. She always had a smile for me and so did Jim who often stopped by for a “hello” when I was working. Two good people My husband and I miss them both!

    • I just love hearing how my sister (and brother-in-law) have touched the world with their love and presence! They have certainly been gifts to our family in many, many ways. Thank you for sharing how they touched your lives!

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