Operation Christmas Child: Celebrate Shoeboxes!

Celebration Meeting

The Power of One

The Power of One was the theme of our recent Operation Christmas Child Celebration Meeting:

“Each box matters.”

Each individual that gives, each child that receives, each message of the Gospel shared. Each one matters.


That’s 11 million


200 hundred thousand


10 ten thousand


3 thousand



“each ones” that matter.

And that was just 2015.

How many ones are left unreached?

Millions. Upon millions. Upon millions.

You can help.

Shoeboxing may begin with a few shoebox gifts, but it doesn’t end there.

Shoebox Filled

Each child who receives a shoebox hears the message of the Giver.

Not a Lois Lowry style “Giver”, but the eternal Giver of Life, the Giver of Eternal Life.

Mongolia OCC

Some people think the children are bribed to receive Christ. But they aren’t. They are shown what a gift is, what grace is.

If they want to get to know the Giver of the Gift, the One whose heart beats love, peace, joy, justice, righteousness, they have that option.

But either way, the gift is still theirs.

OCC Uganda

Some children have never experienced a free gift. They feel like they must earn the gift.

How many us reject the free gift of salvation because we’d rather try to earn it?

Salvation is not just about forgiveness of our sins, it is about an intimate relationship with God.” – Joan

Two Kinds of People

I hope if you don’t know the Giver of Eternal Life personally, that you will receive His gift: forgiveness at the cross of His Son, Jesus Christ.

I hope if you do know the Giver of Eternal Life – if you have received the gift of forgiveness at the cross of His Son – that with the gifts, talents, and treasures you have, you will share His love and His message with others.

If you aren’t in either of those categories … well, you can’t be in another. There is no other.

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