A Place to Serve: Operation Christmas Child

Operation Christmas Child_Many Opportunities

I love that Operation Christmas Child offers a place to serve for a multitude of skills in many interests in a variety of circumstances.

Operation Christmas Child Offers …

A place for packers.

Sleigh Day Spontaneous Teamwork

A place for sleigh drivers.

Richard H Sleigh Driver 2015

A place for processors.


A place for speakers.

One Box

A place for pray-ers.


A place for travelers.

OCC - Madagascar

And a place for crafters.

Aunt Ida Hat

Audra (above) is holding an Aunt Ida hat at our local celebration meeting.

Aunt Ida reminds me of our very own Mrs. Judy of Loom Flower Love.

Kim’s Mom is also an elderly lady loving the world’s children with yarn and talent and a whole lot of heart.

Crochet for Operation Christmas Child

I wish you could feel this purse.  It’s sooo soft!

Purse Made by Kim's Mom

Serving God Around the World

Would you like to serve God around the world from your home?

There are so many opportunities!


For example, do you like to craft?

Dishcloths, hats, hair bows, purses, jewelry, dolls and so much more truly can touch so many lives … for eternity.


Crafting for Operation Christmas Child:


Leaving an imprint on the world one stitch at a time.

Here are some samples of crocheted items displayed at our local celebration meeting:

Crafts for Shoeboxes

Here are many more craft patterns and ideas for Operation Christmas Child.

Purpose and Perspective

Are you looking for purpose or for a change in perspective?

Serving with Operation Christmas Child is a beautiful place to imprint on the world – one stitch, one phone call, one email, one sleigh ride, one canoe trip at a time. Red heart

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