BONUS POST: Palette Creator


Every so often I discover something that just suits my whim fancy. Palette Creator is just such a whim.  And it’s a free whim!

Palette Creator is how I turned this Pinterest pin into a palette of colors to consider for Twisker’s new room.

Twiskers' Palette

I’m still in the pondering stage, so I’m also using Design Seeds to help me choose colors.  (Keeps my mind off the fact that my buddy boy is leaving the nest. Sniffle.)

What is Palette Creator?

It’s a browser extension. And you can find it here for Firefox.

Totally easy to install.  Totally easy to use.  Smile

Once installed (a click of a button), just right click an image, choose how many colors you want it to dissect and out pops a palette!

So helpful for art projects of all kinds … home and beyond!

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