When the Homeschooled Leaves Home for Good

When the Homeschooled Leaves Home for Good

One of the days for which I spent my life serving my family through homeschooling, preparing my children for real life as best I could with God’s amazing grace, arrived this month.

It was the day my firstborn left home for good.

He’s left home before to live on campus across the river, but I saw him nearly every Sunday, so I don’t think that really counts.  (Although it sure felt like it counted when it was happening!)


I sent him on his journey to Washington DC with a full batch of fresh-from-the-oven Lembas bread (think: elves and Lord of the Rings).

Elven Lembas Bread

The camera kept my mind busy so tears didn’t flow in a steady stream as my little boy my adult son got ready to influence America. I hope she’s listening.

From the Living Room

His room cleared rather too swiftly, bag by duffel bag, suitcase by suitcase.

A sob gasped through my heart when I saw the blanket I crocheted him for his college graduation tucked into his going-with-him hamper. He told me he was taking it, but there it was, ready for the taking.

Packing His Stuff

Dad taught him to check fluids in between cottage-to-car loading trips.

One Last Check

Rearranging his treasures for the long trip north, I was thankful I didn’t have to do any of the packing – or unpacking.

Getting Real

His confidence is soaring – as is my heart!


You don’t reallllly have to close that door, do you, son?

Getting in the Car

He did close the door … so he could walk through others.

I’m so thankful he doesn’t ride alone.

Go with God

I asked him which way he was going to turn out of the drive. He said to the left because it was closer to the gas station he was headed to.

I said, “Oh ok, for years I pictured you turning right. But that’s ok.”

As he pulled to the street, he called out, “Hey, Mom!”

Hey Mom

He turned right. Red heart

He Turned Right

And yah, I cried. A little.

Leaving Amherst

Then I took pictures of his room …

Grant's Shelf

One last glance at his childhood as my heart prepared for my office to be painted …

Office Coming Soon

… knowing that my son was going with God and God going with him.

The Cross Beside You

And God staying with me.

Grace is Amazing

My homeschooled son with a bachelors from UNF left home to serve King and country – the eternal King and the temporal country.  To do good.  For good.

Yes, if all goes well, he left home for good.

Because how can it be bad when your kid loves you and is this happy?

The Journey Begins

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