Flavored Princess Water – Grapefruit

Princess Ice Water and Grapefruit

Even Princess Water can get boring when everyone else seems to be drinking the good stuff.  You know, like soda, sweet tea, juice, etc.

We Want Flavor, Don’t We!

When we lived in the desert, my mom used to make Kickapoo Joy Juice, a mix of grapefruit juice and seltzer water.

Looking for sugar-free and sugar-substitute-free beverage ideas yesterday while shopping for our hurricane kit, I glanced at the grapefruit juice and thought about seltzer.  I’m glad Mom liked her Kickapoo Joy Juice, but while it was refreshing it had too much of a bitter kick for me.

Wild and Crazy

So I did something wild and crazy.  I bought a grapefruit. A real live grapefruit.  At the price I paid for a single piece of fruit, yah, I felt wild and crazy.

I’m slicing it up bit by bit, day by day, to stretch the budget making my morphed form of Joy Juice, Grapefruit-Flavored Princess Water.

How to Make Flavored Princess Water – Grapefruit Style

First, slice off a round of the grapefruit:

Flavored Princess Water_Grapefruit

Put the rest of the grapefruit in a plastic bag in the fridge for tomorrow’s water (and the next day and probably the next day, too).

After squeezing the juice into a pitcher of ice water, carefully score the rind side, like a tic-tac-toe game:

Score the Fruit Like Tic-Tac-Toe

Push the slice down past the ice cubes …

Press the Fruit Under the Ice

Let everything get used to each other while you do whatever you do in the morning.

Keepin’ It Real

For me, while the party in the pitcher got going, I started writing this post while polishing off the rest of my soda from our tropical-storm-power-is-out fast food run last night.

I’m cutting back on sugar, but I’m not giving it up cold turkey. Especially when I had a week like I’ve just had.

Just keepin’ it real, folks.  Just keepin’ it real.  Winking smile

Keepin' It Real_Soda AND Princess Water


Testing the Waters

Now that my Joy Juice is brewed, time to try it out.  I’ll be right back and let you know how it tastes …

[pause for tasting]

Oh man, that’s good!  Tomorrow I might even add a few springs of lemon verbena. Or maybe some fresh mint. I wonder how basil would taste!

This Princess Water thing is really become quite the adventure and the wild and crazy grapefruit a worthy companion.

It’s Your Turn

  • Do you drink Princess Water? 
  • What kinds of flavors do you like to add?
  • Do you think it’s silly or survival skills in action to make a pitcher of flavored Princess Water?



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