Serving from Home – An Office In Progress

My Office Colors

As of this very moment writing the rough draft of this post, my son is in his new home state of Virginia to serve Eternal King and temporal country, while his room, my office, is in transition!

Red White and Blue

Spinach and Peek-a-Boo-Blue with Ultra White Walls

Thankfully, my husband took vacation this week, so he is doing the painting. It’s looking bright and cheery and crisp! (If you just look at the paint, not the process.)

My Office in Progress_1


My daughter helped me pick out the paint colors.  She challenged me to a Design Star moment at the hardware store to pick out the colors in less than 10 minutes (well, at least the swatches to consider later at home).

Armed with the guarantee that I wouldn’t spend an hour (or two) hemming and hawing at the store, she gave me a ride.  Smile

While I was choosing colors, so was she.

I gave her simple parameters:  green and blue, happy and crisp.

Nine Minutes, Oh YAH!

I chose my stack in 9 minutes, baby!  Oh yah!  And that included several shades of white.

Over the course of the next few days, I whittled down the choices to three: Spinach, Peek-a-Boo Blue and Ultra White.  It needed the Ultra White because the room gets so little natural light.

Winter will be happy to know that I am about to disclose the whole story:  The winning colors were in her stack of paint chip thingies!

(See, Winter?  I even bolded and italicized for you.  Red heart )

Pillow Fights of the Cottage Sort

A few weeks ago, I bought navy and bright green pillows for the daybed, which was purchased years ago for my son knowing this day was coming, sniffle.  When you are on a budget, you have to plan ahead.

The family will be VERY happy when the room is ready for the pillows.


We’ve been having a pillow fight every time we do laundry. Not that we are tossing pillows at each other.  The pillows keep falling on us.  That’s cottage life. Very little room for buying ahead.

Of course, practicing my skills using Target’s subscription service for TP and paper towels hasn’t helped the storage situation.   Winking smile

Cottage Life Tip:

Don’t buy too much ahead unless you are SURE you have a place to store it.


And with that tip I shall leave you to your day. Or better yet, to exploring more  of my cyber-cottage.  Smile


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