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Remember my slowdown with 3×5 index cards?  Not only are index cards good for memorization (superheroes, even!) those 3×5 gifts from God can help us get back to our cottage keeping roots. And this is the book that taught me how to use them to keep the cottage chaos under control: Sidetracked Home Executives.

“The sisters,” as they are lovingly known, teach us to create an index file for home management. Even if we use it for only a few weeks or months (which I tend to do and then forget I have a system 😉 ), just setting up the system can help reset our organizational buttons.

Their system reminds us of all the tasks we must do to keep our cottages running smoothly.


Not that we must do every chore as commanded, the system helps us internalize the need so we can do tasks on the fly, or write specific tasks on specific days on our specific planner pages.

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Sidetracked Home Executives(TM): From Pigpen to ParadiseSidetracked Home Executives(TM): From Pigpen to Paradise by Pam Young
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is a useful book if:

– You enjoy adding to your repertoire of a variety of organizational systems.
– If you enjoy setting up a variety of systems of organization.
– If you have a passion for index cards.
– If you have gotten off track in keeping up your home and you need a boost.
– If you want an excuse to go to the office supply store instead of straightening your home. 😉

This book has helped me twice, both times to recover from housework burnout and get back to my cottage keeping roots.

Once the reset happens, I find myself going back to paper and pen. Mainly because I end up complex-ifying the system to the point of insanity.

So I leave the index cards waiting for my next round of homemaker challenge (or panic, as the case may be).

But hey, isn’t that what organizational systems are all about? Using them to our advantage to meet the need of the moment?

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