Make a Beaded Goodie Bag On the Fly

Make a Beaded Goodie Bag on the Fly

Sometimes I like to work with a detailed pattern, like for my Mega-Rose Blanket.  Other times, it’s fun to just pick up hook and yarn – and in this case, beads – and get crocheting something. I call it Crocheting on the Fly!

Sometimes I don’t even know what I’m making until it begins to take shape. That’s what happened when I made this Beaded Goodie Bag On the Fly for Operation Christmas Child.

Because it was made on the fly, the directions are a little more like flying by sight rather than by instruments.

What You’ll Need

  • Scrap yarn (AKA stash remnants, little rolls of yarny love)
  • Crochet hook, choose the size based on the yarn you’ll be using
  • Pony beads

Use Easy Stitches

The easiest stitches to use for crocheting on the fly are sc and dc because the stitch count remains even. One stitch below means one stitch above.

Make a Standard Circle

Make a standard crocheted circle, changing colors at will.

 Goodie Bag on the Fly_Bottom Up

Beading Round

*Beginning with this next round until Goodie Bag is complete, there are no more increases.

As I was making this on the fly, I didn’t think to string my beads before I started crocheting.  But it’s not too late! Use this technique to Bead on the Fly.

For this particular Goodie Bag on the Fly, I continued using sc, slipping a bead up every other stitch.

Beaded Goodie Bag on the Fly

Create at Will

It’s time to build the sides of your bag!

Feel free to make stitch and color changes at will.

If I remember right and am reading my photos correctly, I did several rows of DC, then switched back to a round of SC because I only had a little bit of pink yarn in a small ball.

Then it looks like I went back with another round of DC in white, a round of SC with beads every other stitch, another round of DC, a round of SC.

This is YOUR Goodie Bag on the Fly!  Make it your way! As long as it has a bottom, sides and a drawstring, it’s perfect.  Smile

Oh, speaking of drawstring …

Finishing It Off

Inside a Goodie Bag on the Fly


I usually finish my goodie bags with:

CH 4, sk st, SC in next st, [CH 3, sk st, SC in next st] around, joining with a sl st at base of ch-4.

Then I make a length of chains to thread through the ch-3 holes. You can either join the ends of drawstring in a knot, or not.

If I make my string a little too short, I tend to tie the ends in a knot so they don’t pull out of the holes.  Too many memories of sweat pants drawstrings popping inside their tunnel at the most inconvenient timesWinking smile

It’s Your Turn

I hope you share photos of your Goodie Bag on the Fly creations with us.  We’d all love to see what you’re making!

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