Worked Ahead, But Still Got Behind

I knew June would be a challenging month for keeping up with my blog, but I didn’t realize how challenging it would become. Usually I face challenges by finding ways around the challenge to still get the job done. I try to not let much stop me completely.

This time around was a little different. This time I couldn’t wear my glasses for part of the recovery, or sit on my bum for another part. Hard to blog when you can’t see or sit.

In fact, I’m typing this in blurry mode because I still can’t wear glasses without them riding on stitches. But the good news is my bum is better.  🙂


I thought about skipping a week and going dark since I ran out of pre-planned posts, but I didn’t feel like that was the real thing to do.

Hopefully, next week – or maybe even later this week – I’ll be back to regular programming.

All That to Say

If you are learning, loving and serving at home and beyond, sometimes the big pause monster puts such a long pause on our plans that no matter how fast our feet pedal, we still get behind.

And that’s ok.  Some realities are like that. Like skin cancer. And reactions to medications.

Remember the slogan for Operation Little Feet:

Doing what we can to let them know we care.”


Sometimes the emphasis is on “what we can” because times do come when we need to be the ones cared for.


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