Blueberry Princess Water

Blueberry Princess Water

In the interests of sanity (medication reactions and side effects from meds to counter med reactions), here’s another short blog post – you’re lovin’ this, aren’t you? Smile – with another version of Princess Water: Blueberry!


It’s easy to make:

  • Just find your Princess Cup.
  • Smoosh some blueberries in it.
  • Pour in water and ice.

That’s even easier the Grapefruit Princess Water, isn’t it?

Blueberry in Bulk

You can even make it in a Princess Pitcher to sip on all day while working on your blog, teaching your children, crocheting, or whatever you do all day. 🙂

If you are an on-the-go gal, like I used to be, you can even smoosh the berries right into your thermos jug and sip all day.

Sneak Peek

(That’s a sneak peek into my new office. ^^^)

The Princess Who Brought Me Princess Water

While I was recovering from one of the recent skin cancer surgeries, my daughter brought me a cup of something that looked special.  “What is this?”

“Blueberry Princess Water.”

Awwwww, she loves me and she listens to my stories.  She took amazing care of me, as did my husband, during recovery. And recovery. And recovery.

Princess and Pilgrim

Oh, and I know there is much debate about princesses versus pioneers, but the Bible calls us children of the King AND sojourners, pilgrims.
Why can’t we be both?  Smile

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