Liberty Needs You All-Year Round

It was a capital Capitol 4th! As a homeschool mom, what a heart swell I experienced watching my son on PBS enjoy – and I mean ENJOY! – the Capitol 4th celebration in Washington DC!

Grant Celebrating at Capitol 4th

He is up there for a 10-week internship, hoping to find full-time employment in the field of journalism for liberty.

We are down here cheering him on!


Liberty is Year-Round

Most of us celebrate our country a few times a year, and many of us vote in November, but did you know liberty is a year-round endeavor?

Spiritual, emotional, or political: liberty takes vigilence.

There are forces at work that have slowly been stripping our rights – and they are exponentially speeding up.

We must stay aware. I know, it’s hard. We are busy raising our families, trying to stay healthy, serving at in our communities and churches, working to making money.

But if we don’t put a little more effort into protecting our freedoms, what good will that health, service and money be to us when we can’t use it as we please?

I’m not a conspiracy theorist. I’m not a right- or left-wing extremist. I’m an aproned mom, concerned about our country’s future. Where's Grant-o

We the People are still powerful. For now.

Let’s take that power – and responsibility – seriously.

What Can We Do?

Let’s not be the generation that gives away the freedoms our fathers fought for just because we want the government to take care of us.

God wants that job. 

And He offers freedom, rather than strips us of it.

Fireworks You Missed, Grant-001

To all of America, I wish you:

Happy 7th of July!

A great day, like every day, to celebrate

and stand up for – our independence!

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